Nurturing our capacity to care

Retreats for caregivers in the brain injury community

LoveYourBrain is excited to offer retreats exclusively for caregivers. These unique retreats are designed for caregivers of people affected by brain injury looking to nurture their capacity to care for themselves and others. Through a blend of experiential activities, guided meditation, mindfulness, yoga, and group discussion, participants will be empowered with new tools, knowledge, and community connection to more skillfully navigate the challenges of being a caregiver.

By investigating the themes of:

Adjusting expectations

Finding acceptance

Learning to adapt to change

Growing in a new relationship

Participants will learn to see that the power of change starts from within, how to work through stuck places, and how to cultivate more fulfilling and compassionate relationships with themselves and others. 

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“A teacher once shared with me, “expectations kill connection.” Until I started really doing the work, I started to really see how this was true for me.”


Caregiver Retreat at Esalen

Big Sur, CA

January 25th-27th, 2019 (Complete)

Stay tuned for new dates & openings