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LoveYourBrain Tip: Afternoon





Last week’s tip, Morning, focused on several routines that support brain health and wellness as you begin the day. Being mindful of your mid-day habits is equally important. As you move through your daily routines, pay attention to the activities that provide an energy boost and consider finding ways to consistently invite these into your day.

Meditate: A mid-day meditation is a great opportunity to revisit your awareness, lower any stress that may have built up during the morning, and re-energize as you move through your day.

Rest: If you feel sleepy and have the opportunity to nap...nap! Many people feel the benefits of incorporating a mid-day rest into their daily routine, including the obvious energy boost, but also reduction of symptoms such as headaches and cognitive fatigue.

Move: A walk, stretch or even a vigorous workout all have potential to increase your energy and your mood, while decreasing anxiety and stress.

Fuel Your Body: Remember to eat a nutritious lunch everyday. Throughout the day, drink water and eat healthy brain-boosting snacks, such as nuts and whole fruits and veggies.