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LoveYourBrain Tip: Resilience





Resilience:  the ability to overcome adversity

When experiencing a stressful situation, it is normal to react with intense emotions and a sense of uncertainty about the future. Resilience is the process of adapting to these challenges in a way that allows you to both acknowledge the hardship and find the inner strength to move forward.

Everyday, we see people in the LYB community illustrate what resilience is and inspire others to face TBI (and other life challenges) with acceptance, courage, and positivity. These abilities reside in everyone and can be accessed and strengthened during even the most difficult times. In fact, the journey of moving forward during adversity often leads to a stronger self and the opportunity for unexpected possibilities.

Building resilience takes time and support. Here are some of the key points to developing your inner strength:

  • Acknowledge the challenging situation (don’t try to ignore or move over it)

  • Accept change

  • Greet change with optimism (find opportunities for growth and new possibilities)

  • Set realistic goals and move towards them

  • Nurture a positive view of yourself

  • Connect with others to give and receive support