FUndamentals series 

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This class is very similar to the first three classes in the FUNdamentals series (it does not include the 'balance at the wall' sequence).

This class is similar to the last three classes in the FUNdamentals series.



Meditation practices

Modification demonstrations

  • Dancing Warrior 2  
  • Cat-cow

  • T Transition

  • Chair cat cow flow

  • Chair table top → cobra  → table → child’s flow

  • Supine cat cow

Group Discussion and Psychoeducation

  • Class 1: Establishing ground rules

  • Class 2: Mental flexibility through mindfulness

  • Class 3: Realistic optimism through mindfulness and reframing

  • Class 4: Facing fear, resilience not recovery

  • Class 5: Social support through building community

  • Class 6: Meaning and purpose through finding gratitude