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As part of MindfulMarch 2018, we are offering a 30 day Meditation Challenge to support you in cultivating greater awareness, compassion, resilience, acceptance. We’re excited to offer you with unique and accessible meditation practices designed for beginners and for those who have been practicing for years using four themes:

WEEK 1: Awareness

Immerse yourself in the present through meditations using the breath as an anchor, mindful walks, body scans, and more.

WEEK 2: Kindness and Compassion

Bring understanding and kindness to our experience through meditations that foster loving-kindness, work with with difficult emotions, and more.

WEEK 3: Resilience

Build resilience through meditations for observing your inner critic, reducing stress and anxiety, working with habitual reactions, and more.

WEEK 4: Acceptance

Practice acceptance through meditations on non-judgmental awareness, letting go, and more.


Our goal is to enable all peopleparticularly those affected by TBIto experience the powerful impact of meditation. We hope this month of practice will help you gain new tools for living a more balanced, kind, and authentic life, and provide you with inspiration to integrate meditation into your daily life.

Practices led by experienced teachers, including Jill Gropper, Stephanie Snyder, Kyla Pearce, Silvia Mordini, and more

Anyone who donates $28 (or more) will receive these benefits:

  • Every morning in March, we’ll send you a unique and accessible meditation practice to start your day.

  • We’ll share inspirational quotes designed to spark new perspective and meaningful reflection.

  • We’ll support you to build your mindfulness skills by guiding you through exercises, like journaling and mindful eating.

How to sign up and access the Challenge:

  • Submit your $28 donation (or more; this is the minimum amount per person to access the Challenge). $28 supports one person with TBI to attend a LYB yoga class.
  • Create your login account. To do so, we’ll send you an email one week before the Challenge starts with a link to a private website and a unique code for you to use to create a login account. 

  • During March, we’ll send you an email every morning with a link to that day's practice.