Body Scan Meditation by Kyla Pearce

This short and simple meditation is a useful technique for helping to calm and focus the mind. It is a practice that can be done anywhere--while waiting in line at the grocery store, while taking the bus, or during a challenging meeting at work. When we move our attention to different parts of our body and bring a sense of relief and softness to those spaces, it cultivates our mind-body connection and helps to minimize stress. This practice also helps us slow down our response before reacting so that we can act more intentionally. Enjoy!

Kyla Pearce is the Lead Yoga and Meditation Teacher for the LoveYourBrain Foundation. She conducts LYB’s yoga teacher training workshops to enable other yoga teachers to learn how to tailor these practices for the TBI community. She is passionate about making yoga accessible to TBI survivors so that they can direct their healing one breath at a time.