calling all changemakers

In honor of Brain Injury Awareness Month, join us for MindfulMarch to increase awareness of TBI and the healing benefits of yoga and meditation. During March, our goals are to raise $100,000 and enroll over 1,000 changemakers (that’s you!) to get involved. This means we’ll be able to launch 10 new studio partners across the U.S. and Canada who will offer our free Yoga program to 520 people from the TBI community each year.


  • Host a donation-based class (yoga, meditation, spin or other types of fitness classes)
  • Host an event (screening of The Crash Reel, dinner with friends, trivia night at your local pub)
  • Share your story (use your experiences, challenges, adventures as a platform to raise awareness and funds for TBI)


$28 supports one person with TBI to attend a LYB gentle yoga class.


Marketing resources

Check out our media kit. Stocked with graphics, photos, posters, a press release and more, it has everything you need for outreach. The toolkit includes hard copy posters, stickers, bandaids -- get yours while supplies last!

Looking for video footage for your class or event? Check out our YouTube channel or this 14 minute film produced by here to be | lululemon athletica.



Find a MindfulMarch class or event near you.


Meditation Challenge

As part of MindfulMarch, we are offering a 30 day Meditation Challenge to support you in cultivating greater awareness, compassion, resilience, acceptance.


Every 13 seconds, someone in the U.S. sustains a TBI. Unlike most injuries, TBI often leads to lifelong physical, behavioral, and emotional challenges that are largely invisible. As a result, many people affected by TBI lack the support and understanding they deserve.

We believe that our greatest healing starts from awareness. With greater awareness about the impact of TBI, our society is better able to understand and compassionately respond to this community’s needs.

Yoga and meditation are among the most powerful tools to cultivate awareness. These practices allow us to explore what is often invisible--our emotions, thoughts, beliefs--that underlie our wellbeing. When we bring these invisible layers to light, we can ignite our potential for healing and more deeply connect with ourselves and our community.


Join our first-ever 30 day LYB Meditation Challenge

As part of MindfulMarch 2018, we are offering a 30 day Meditation Challenge to support you in cultivating greater awareness, compassion, resilience, acceptance. 

Anyone who donates $28 (or more) will receive these benefits:

  • Every morning in March, we’ll send you a unique and accessible meditation practice to start your day.

  • We’ll share inspirational quotes designed to spark new perspective and meaningful reflection.

  • We’ll support you to build your mindfulness skills by guiding you through exercises, like journaling and mindful eating.