Day 5: Meditation and Magic

Led by Jill Gropper


Todays relaxation practice will be a wonderful way for your mind to escape into the magical world of meditation. This practice will allow your mind to relax and restore, while centering you into your divine source energy. Your heart will open and your body will thank you. Sit comfortably and allow my voice to guide you inward as you begin this magical journey back home to your heart.

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Jill Gropper is a certified Life Style Coach, Meditation Teacher and Wellness Advocate. Jill is the proud owner of Mind Body Balance LLC, where she teaches people how to live their most authentic lives from the inside out. Jill has a passion for serving people and guiding them towards their own inner strength and peace. Her vision with Mindful Living is to expand awareness in the area of mindfulness and meditation and continue to create this movement towards living in the NOW, the present moment where life is filled joy and peace.