Day 20: Withdrawing our Senses

Led by Holle Black, E-RYT 500


Pratyahara--withdrawing our senses--is a yoga technique on the pathway to finding greater peace. The outside world can be distracting and overwhelming, so we can use Pratyahara to bring greater calm and focus to our mind.

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Holle Black, E-RYT 50 is a Yoga Therapist with a strong interest and passion for teaching yoga therapeutically and in underserved populations, especially in the trauma population. She is part of an ongoing study and has led 2 pilot groups and 4 research groups studying the medical benefits of yoga on women with PTSD from sexual trauma while in the military. Her love of teaching yoga and seeing the benefit of yoga for both underserved and the trauma population has also led her to co-develop and co-direct Centering Youth, a nonprofit organization whose mission it is to bring Yoga and Mindfulness to people in the juvenile or adult criminal justice system, those who have been sexually exploited, abused or are homeless and others who have not had the opportunity to experience the benefits of Yoga and Mindfulness. You can learn more about this organization at