Day 24: Karuna (compassion)

Led by ian wilkes


This meditation is designed to grow our heart of compassion toward ourselves and others, especially in the face of inner difficulties. .


Ian is a yoga and meditation teacher from Norwich Vermont USA. Ian has traveled the world extensively as student to the sacred and ancient healing practices from many indigeounous cultures. From living in silence with Buddhist monks in northern Burma to being an apprentice to indigenous plant shamans in the Amazon to living in yoga ashrams throughout India, Ian brings a unique and dynamic approach to opening the heart, grounding the mind in the present and creating the conditions for insight by utilizing healing practices from around the world.  In 2016 Ian created the grassroots charity organization Anahata Ma which brings teachers of healing practice from all over the world together to share their gifts by donation to raise money to build clean water systems in tribal villages and support a small orphanage in southern India.  Ian continues to travel globally both as a teacher and student and holds a summer teaching residency at various yoga studios and Buddhist temples in Berlin Germany.