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Everything you need to know, and maybe more, about offering donation-­based classes.

How do I spread the word?

 It’s pretty straight forward:


What is the best way to get funds to LoveYourBrain following my studio’s donation-based class?

When you set up your own fundraising page, you can direct students in advance of your class or even at the beginning of class on their mobile devices to donate. You can check the progress of who has contributed and use it as a pre-registration tool.


What if my studio uses pre-­paid punch cards?

We suggest giving your students the option to use their punch card or make a donation out-of-pocket.  If a student chooses to use their punch card, it is the responsibility of the studio to record this class as a donation and make a contribution to us by check or online. 


Will I receive a tax­ deductible receipt?

Yes!  For all donations made online, you will be issued a receipt.  For all donations by check over $250, you will be issued a receipt.  For donations by check less than $250, please request if you need a receipt and we will gladly issue one.


Is there a timeline for meeting the fundraising benchmarks?

The timeline is one year from the date you hold your first class. 


How will LoveYourBrain acknowledge the fundraising benchmarks? 

LoveYourBrain will highlight your studio through our social media, as well as send you a special gift of gratitude in the mail.  


Where does my donation go?

100% of the funds raised will go directly to supporting LoveYourBrain’s programs aimed at improving the quality of life for people affected by brain injury.  


Can I sell LoveYourBrain Merchandise at my studio to raise awareness for your organization?

Yes you can. You can purchase LoveYourBrain merchandise online from us at: and sell it at retail price. All proceeds from sales go to support the programs made possible by LoveYourBrain.


If you have any other questions please email us directly at: and we will get back to you with an answer.