To extend the continuum of care for the TBI community, we create alliances with local hospitals, brain injury rehabilitation facilities, and clinicians who share information about our community-based program with their patients. We also partner with select clinical facilities to offer our program directly to their patients. 


Yoga and meditation are increasingly recognized as evidence-based healing modalities, including for TBI.  By creating referral pathways to our program, we ensure that patients who have gone through in- and outpatient care can continue their healing process once they return to their community.

Which PATIENTS ARE READY FOR our community-based PROGRAM?

The program is appropriate for those who want to join a skills-based group for stress management, focused attention, physical activity, and social connection. Patients should be at a place in their healing process to be:

  • Able to move without assistance (does not use a wheelchair, cane)
  • Interested in and ready for joining a program in a local yoga studio 
  • Able to communicate verbally and participate in group discussion
  • Able to follow instructions and regulate intense emotions
  • Able to find transportation to attend all 6 classes (first class is mandatory)
  • Are younger than 70 years of age

We welcome people with post-concussion syndrome, mild to moderate TBI, and severe TBI, if they meet our criteria. 

Are only TBI patients eligible?

Currently, our community-based program is available only for people who have experienced TBI because we feel we are most capable of serving this population. Although we understand that there are overlapping symptoms in different types of brain injury, we feel that maintaining a focus on TBI is helpful for building community of people with shared experiences. Also, we feel strongly that yoga teachers need to be highly knowledgeable about the injury that they are working with to effectively tailor their classes. The diversity in the etiology and effects of different types of brain injury make it too challenging for us to train yoga teachers to become experts in all types.   

interested in offering lyb yoga in your clinical services? 

Given the evidence-based benefits of yoga and meditation for TBI, we create partnerships with select brain injury rehabilitation facilities to become "LYB Affiliates". We train and support LYB Affiliates to integrate our 6-week FUNdamentals series curriculum into their rehabilitation therapy offerings. For more information about the process of becoming a LYB Affiliate, you can review our LYB Affiliate guidelines, and/or feel free to contact Kyla Pearce at

Our current LYB Affiliates include:

how can clinicians raise awareness about local LYB programs?

Join our cadre of Clinical Connectors! This is a network of clinicians working in TBI rehabilitation that have agreed to raise awareness among colleagues in their health service about local the LYB Yoga program. We believe partnering with clinicians is critical to the sustainability and expansion of our community-based program. Learn more about how to become a Clinical Connector, and apply here

Deborah Fournier, APRN

Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center, NH

Shannan Asselta, SLP

Crozer Keystone Health Care, PA

Anne Brady, MSPT

 Morristown Medical Center, NJ

Tina D'Amato, DO

Center for Integrative Therapy, VT

Lauren McGee, DPT

Shepherd Center, GA

Jessica Bubbico, SLP

Carolinas Healthcare System, NC

Ira Keefer, DPT

Scripps Encinitas, CA

Debbie Moore, Recreation Therapist

Sharp Rehab Center, CA

Suzanne Wolfe, OT

Shepherd Center, GA

Ariella Ahlzadeh, SLP

Shepherd Center & Pathways, GA

Barbara Capone, PT

Barrows Neurological Institute, AZ

Katie Weathers, DPT

Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center, NH


Yes! You can download a one-page overview and a trifold brochure with details about our program. These resources are designed to be easy-to-read and understand. They provide an overview of the program, how to sign up, and some of the evidence about the benefits of yoga and meditation for the TBI community.


We offer in-service trainings to share more detailed information about our program and what patients can expect. Contact us to discuss the potential for us to visit your healthcare team.

“I’ve worked in healthcare almost 15 years and it isn’t a system that is designed for providing a continuum of care for people.  I, like many rehab therapists, are often disheartened to send our patients out into the busy world without a “plan” that will continue to facilitate healing.  This program fills the gap and is needed everywhere.”  
- Andrea Kessler, PT, DPT, OTR/L