Day 20 : Finding Stillness Within


Today’s practice guides students to tune into the wave like motion of the breath. As they become comfortable with the rise of the inhale and fall of the exhale, they are encouraged to find focus and stillness in the pause that happens at both the top and bottom of the breath. Learning or re-discovering this clam pause and incredible stillness we all have access to.

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Britt has lived in the Burlington, Vermont area for the last 10 years. She teaches LoveYourBrain friendly classes at Sangha Studio. As a teacher she strives to create a container in which students are able to move, breathe, sense and feel in ways that are most beneficial to their practice.

 Britt uses her personal yoga practice to ground, to calm, to quiet her mind and to turn inward and seek authentic answers. She hopes to provide students with tools to take off the mat and into daily life.