Day 24 : Peaceful Waters


This guided meditation uses visualization to recognize our own elemental power. It may be especially helpful for times when we feel stuck or trapped in restless energy. This mediation intends to light a path towards our internal reservoir of peaceful waters, and to help create a feeling of  ease in the body.


I have been teaching gentle vinyasa and yin yoga with an emphasis on yoga therapeutics since 2014. Prior to that, I had several concussions (mTBI) that led to an organic interest in the effects of yoga and meditation on the brain. In 2017, I was in hit-and-run car accident that left me with another serious mTBI. This injury had a dramatic effect on my life. I found myself forced to rebuild my yoga and meditation practice with what felt like someone else’s brain. I consider this event to be my greatest spiritual teacher; it furthered my resolve in sharing yoga and meditation with those impacted by brain injury.