Day 10 : Inside Our Snow Globe: A Vipassana Meditation


Vipassana means seeking clarity, a mindful practice focusing centered awareness on one object.  I sometimes visualize myself, in the human experience, like a snowglobe. When I feel unsettled, I notice my snowglobe is shaken and there are flurries of thoughts, emotions or sensations. When I choose to be still and focus my mind  on my breath, it’s as if my snowglobe flakes settle to the bottom, and what remains is a clear picture of who I am on the inside.

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 11.28.56 AM.png

Samy is a people lover, soul stirrer, smile setter, community builder, yoga teacher (500hr ERYT). She brings an intentional and fun-filled experience to the her classes. Weaving creative movement, high-vibin' music, intuitive exploration and accessible opportunity, she fosters a space where all people feel welcomed. Samy's dharma is to be a pioneer in our cultural shift towards deeper inclusion, wellness and connection. Her mantra: “Yoga is for everyBODY”. She works with a wide array of special populations and truly believes that yoga is a magical and transformational practice meant for people from all walks of life. With Samy, be ready find hOMe within yourself, and with one another. Learn more about Samy at: