Day 11 : The Space Between


This guided meditation begins by encouraging us to watch the mind, acknowledging thoughts simply as appearances on the canvas of consciousness. We will then begin to tag thoughts as either past or future to identify when they pull us out of the present moment—resting in the space between.


Based in Fort Collins, Colorado, Laura is a yoga teacher, travel enthusiast, and above all else, a believer in love. She believes that in all forms, in all ways, love is at the heart of healing. Laura teaches in the LoveYourBrain yoga program and has witnessed again and again that breath and movement are universal. Inspired by the people she has met along the way, Laura is committed to offering an accessible practice and being a part of the movement to reshape the way we think, feel, and talk about our brains. She recently gave birth to a daughter, Ashby, who has given her the greatest practice yet, motherhood.