Day 13 : Body Scan Meditation


During today’s meditation we will bring balance to the nervous system by shifting the focus throughout the body. My intention is to help you cultivate a compassionate awareness of your body and to promote total body relaxation.


Jessica Ryan is a Love Your Brain certified yoga instructor currently living in Winnipeg Manitoba. She has been instructing yoga (Vinyasa, Restorative, Modo, Yin) since 2010 and has continued to pursue her passion of helping people move pain free by becoming a Certified Athletic Therapist. She believes in a holistic style of healing and looks at the person as a whole when treating musculoskeletal injuries. Studying soft tissue release, craniosacral therapy and reiki has added to her ability to facilitate healing. After sustaining her own concussions in 2017 Jessica has been driven to help spread awareness and end stigma associated with invisible illnesses like tbis and Post Concussion Syndrome. She is currently working towards returning to her practice as an Athletic Therapist and plans to specialize in helping others find their resilience post brain injury