Day 7 : A Calm Place


The intention for this mediation is to calm your mind and relax your body.


I'm a yoga teacher in Oakland, California. I grew up in Maine and moved west for warmer weather, and to study with different yoga teachers. I teach gentle and vinyasa yoga. I love how the practice of yoga creates a supportive space to move mindfully and connect with others with shared experiences.

Day 6 : Minding The Gap


My intention behind this meditation today is to teach you how to be mindful during your meditation simply by witnessing without any judgement your beautiful breath. This meditation will help you recalibrate, rejuvenate and restore your energy on a daily basis. A simple daily 5 minute meditation has many health and wellness benefits. I invite you to relax and begin breathing more mindFULLY, one deep breath at a time.


Jill Gropper is a certified Life Style Coach, Meditation Teacher and Wellness Advocate. Jill is the proud owner of Mind Body Balance LLC. with over 20 years of experience in the health and wellness industry. Jill teaches people how to live their most authentic lives from the inside out. She loves to help people learn how to help themselves live a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Day 5 : I Am Here Mantra


Short description of your meditation and what it hopes to inspire: This mantra meditation uses the phrase “I am here” in connection with the breath to bring us into the present moment.


Jackie is a LYB yoga teacher and an occupational therapist in the Boston area. She teaches the LYB 6 week FUNdamentals series, public classes and adaptive yoga classes. She is also involved with leading the LYB yoga for health professionals training and is passionate about sharing the science-based benefits of yoga and meditation.

Day 4 : Sunshine Meditation


This easy meditation uses a simple visualization technique to ease stress and anxiety by adjusting your perception and attention. Within a few short minutes, this meditation helps shift your concentration away from negative emotions or sensations towards a more easeful and elevated frame of mind.

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Megan Whiteside is a yoga teacher out of Colorado, and owner of Lacuna Juice And Yoga, a new organic juice bar and yoga studio in Denver. She teaches a combination of many lineages at her studio in Denver as well as at retreats around the world. She is also a member of the LoveYourBrain team as their social media manager, where she gets to integrate her passions for yoga, meditation, and human connection.

Day 3 : Be Here Now


Today’s practice encourages a deeper awareness of this present moment by observing the natural breath and guiding the mind to be here now.


Heather Wiest — LCSW, E-RYT®200, RYT®500, YACEP® — is beyond blessed to LOVE, SERVE and INSPIRE the community as a Yoga Teacher, Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki® Master, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and contributing author. Her holistic yoga sessions are engaging and rejuvenating, leaving one feeling balanced and inspired. Heather’s busy life as a wife, mother, and guide, encourages her to find the pause — embracing every moment of connection, presence, and peace. A passionate, yet simple girl at heart, you can find Heather breathing in another radiant Arizona sunrise or sunset.

Day 2 : Breath, Not Breath


Today’s meditation practice is simple . . . almost too simple. It is designed to establish an awareness of the mind, through the breath and how to accept distracting thoughts as nothing more than, ‘not breath.’


Josh Blatter is a therapeutically-oriented Yoga and Meditation teacher in Encinitas, CA. Josh is best known for his skillful use of language, understanding of the human body, subtle anatomy, and the ancient tradition to guide his students into the heart of Yoga. Josh believes in staying true to the roots of Yoga as a meditation tradition and a means to bring the body and mind into balance and harmony.

Day 1 : Breathe, Relax, Notice, Choose (B.R.N.C.)


At some point, all of us get to a place where we’re on the brink -- we feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and like the world is caving in on us. In these moments, it’s important to have tools to help us pause and more easefully and kindly respond, instead of reacting in ways that make us feel worse. So, today's practice uses the handy acronym B.R.N.C. to help you remember that when you’re on the brink, you can Breathe, Relax, Notice, and Choose how to proceed.


Kyla serves as the Senior Director of the LoveYourBrain Yoga program, overseeing the design, implementation, and evaluation of the program on a national level. She has been part of the Pearce family for years, and, following Kevin's accident, played an integral role in the launch of LoveYourBrain. Kyla has blended her expertise as a yoga teacher and researcher to develop a TBI-centered yoga curriculum, which she trains yoga teachers and clinicians to deliver through workshops across the country. She is also pursuing a doctorate from Dartmouth College with research interests in the application of yoga and meditation for therapeutic purposes.