Day 31 : I am Worthy I am Enough - Inner Peace Meditation


Today’s practice invites you to tune into self love and inner peace. You are radiant and have so much to offer the world just by being you. The intention is help you remember your radiance.


Madi Murphy is a healer, mentor, and modern New Yorker. She is the creator of Sacred Space Revolution, a brand that guides communities to be empowered with confidence and purpose. Madi’s work is to mentor her clients with tools and techniques to transform self loathing into SELF LOVE, follow INTUITION over influence, and lead with PLEASURE instead of pressure.

Day 30 : Releasing Judgement


This practice will allow you to release judgement around an area in your life that is causing stress and dis-ease. As we hold challenging circumstances in our awareness, while in a place of calm relaxation, we release excess and unnecessary tension that is tied to that circumstance. We relax the part of our mind that adds undue suffering on top of the inevitable challenges we all face in life. This practice can be done in any position - seated or lying down. Make yourself comfortable.

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Ramsay Pierce co-leads the LoveYourBrain Teacher Trainings to educate yoga teachers and clinicians in how to adapt yoga and meditation practices for the TBI community. As an E-RYT and YACEP, Ramsay has over 600 hours of training in various styles of yoga, including restorative, yin, prenatal, and she is certified through the Integrative Amrit (I AM) Method as a yoga nidra instructor. Ramsay has over 1,500 hours of teaching experience. She teaches a variety of classes at multiple studios in Denver, Colorado. She also leads and assists the local LoveYourBrain 6-week yoga curriculum at the LYB partner studio, The River and mentors new LYB-trained teachers across the country to enhance their professional development.

Day 29 : Body Awareness with Metta


Today’s practice invites us to notice the living, breathing being that is this body, to practice relaxing into our bodies in places we discover we have been holding tension, and explores the practice of heart breathing.  The practice closes with a Metta Blessing (a blessing of lovingkindness).

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Bonnie, the owner of Lotus Yoga in Jacksonville, Florida, is a practicing attorney and yoga/mindfulness teacher.  Since graduating from her 200 hour teaching training in 2006, Bonnie has had extensive training in ashtanga and vinyasa yoga, adaptive yoga, healthy back yoga, meditation and mindfulness. Bonnie is a certified facilitator of Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY-F) through the Trauma Center at the Justice Resource Institute in Brookline, Massachusetts, and her studio recently partnered with the Love Your Brain Foundation to offer adaptive yoga and meditation classes for TBI survivors, along with their family members and caregivers.  Her work (as well her own practice) - whether with individuals who have sustained physical and emotional traumas, those with eating disorders or physical limitations, or those simply seeking to cultivate insight and deepen their own practice, has taught her first-hand about the extraordinary healing potential that lives inside the practices of yoga and mindfulness. You can reach Bonnie directly at or by visiting

Day 28: Metta Meditation


This practice invites us to unearth our inner source of loving-kindness, and how this powerful feeling can be a wellspring of connection and compassion for all.

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Ryan Bean is a acrobat performer, reiki healer, and yoga instructor based in Orlando, Florida. Ryan received his yoga training at the foothills of the Himalayas in Rishikesh, India. Ryan teaches Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, AcroYoga, and power yoga.  Incorporating  Meditation and Pranayama into each practice.  Partner Yoga and AcroYoga are at the core of his style and  he may include these fun elements into a class to help emphasize community and trust within the group. Ryan brings a unique style, incorporating the traditional and spiritual practices of yoga learned in the ashrams of India with the playful acro practice. Ryan's classes are a mixture of spiritual, playful, and guided asanas to help you grow and work toward alignment. 

Day 27 : A Mediation for Creating Space


Today's practice focuses on quieting the mind to tune into the environment around you. This practice invites you to expand as you sit, settle in, and listen. Try this mediation outside or somewhere with environmental noise.  This mediation was inspired by my teacher, Jillian Pransky and is adapted from her book "Deep Listening"


My name is Margaret Heisey. I took my first yoga class in 1979 as a phys ed elective and have been practicing yoga consistently  since 1999. I completed my RYT 200 in 2008. I currently teach Yin yoga at Alluem in Cranford, a LYB studio, where I also teach the LYB series when I can. I am also certified in Yoga for Trauma, Addiction & Recovery, Yin Yoga and Spirit Speak. I'm also a certified Emboy Love Facilitator.  My family and I live in NJ.

Day 26 : Coming Home to Yourself


This 5-breath guided meditation is designed to help us restore our inner peace. Inspired by practices Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh used to remain calm while caring for victims of war, we’ll learn to use our breath to reconnect with the joy of the present moment.

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Jonathan Prescott is the founder of Wise Caregiving, a non-profit dedicated to helping people become effective, sustainable, and empathetic caregivers.  Jonathan’s career as a hospice, cancer-care and hospital Chaplain, along with his spiritual practice as an ordained student of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, gives him a unique perspective on how to thrive within the helping professions.  His trainings help people learn the arts of listening, balance, boundaries, and presence as a therapeutic tool.

Day 25 : Meditation on Appreciative Joy


This guided meditation invites you to acknowledge and appreciate your already-existing skilful qualities and cultivate them.

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I have been teaching yoga and meditation in Montreal (Canada) for 10 years, and have recently completed a Masters in Social Work (MSW) at UQAM. I use yoga, meditation and nature (horticultural and eco-therapy) in intervention as a way to (re)connect with ourselves and the environment. I work with a wide population, ranging from older adults in nursing homes and the LGBTQ+ community, to people with mental health issues. I am interested in the body-mind connection, and how this practice can support our healing, resilience and skillful engagement in the world.

Day 24 : Peaceful Waters


This guided meditation uses visualization to recognize our own elemental power. It may be especially helpful for times when we feel stuck or trapped in restless energy. This mediation intends to light a path towards our internal reservoir of peaceful waters, and to help create a feeling of  ease in the body.


I have been teaching gentle vinyasa and yin yoga with an emphasis on yoga therapeutics since 2014. Prior to that, I had several concussions (mTBI) that led to an organic interest in the effects of yoga and meditation on the brain. In 2017, I was in hit-and-run car accident that left me with another serious mTBI. This injury had a dramatic effect on my life. I found myself forced to rebuild my yoga and meditation practice with what felt like someone else’s brain. I consider this event to be my greatest spiritual teacher; it furthered my resolve in sharing yoga and meditation with those impacted by brain injury.

Day 23 : Compassion Out Of Suffering


Today's practice focuses on acknowledgement of our challenges and suffering. To find a more kind and gentle way of relating to our thoughts, emotions, and sensations. To give time to be with what is and allow for space. This practice invites you to work with challenge and suffering to discover ease and compassion rather than struggling against, pushing away, or collapsing into defeat.


Lauralyn believes in bringing human beings together with the understanding that we all suffer to some degree. She has a desire to create space for connection to support growth through simplicity and loving acceptance. To support everyone in slowing down and connecting mind, body, heart, and soul. Lauralyn teaches yoga and mediation in Denver, Colorado with a wide variety of class options such as Adaptive Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Restorative Yoga, Deep Stretch & Mediation, Yin Yoga, Vinyasa, and for LoveYourBrain.

Day 22 : Breathing Into Our Inner Resilience


This practice invites us to explore our inner resilience through the energy invoked by our breath. Resilience is our ability to bounce back from adversity. All of us experience challenges in life that test us. Although difficult, these challenges are always where we learn the most about ourselves and others, and inspire new strength, wisdom, and compassion. Meditation can be a helpful way to practice resilience by connecting to our inner resources of strength, courage, and love to help us move forward.

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Kyla serves as the Senior Director of the LoveYourBrain Yoga program, overseeing the design, implementation, and evaluation of the program on a national level. She has been part of the Pearce family for years, and, following Kevin's accident, played an integral role in the launch of LoveYourBrain. Kyla has blended her expertise as a yoga teacher and researcher to develop a TBI-centered yoga curriculum, which she trains yoga teachers and clinicians to deliver through workshops across the country. She is also pursuing a doctorate from Dartmouth College with research interests in the application of yoga and meditation for therapeutic purposes.