A Melon A Day



Community Stories | 1.22.2015

In 2001, Maz McWilliams’ brother sustained a traumatic brain injury. Sadly, he passed away four years later. However, Maz has drawn inspiration and strength from his brother and is living his life to the fullest with his brother’s memory by his side. He says,

“In 27 years he lived a very full life and his early passing has inspired me to do the same.”

He started an incredibly creative campaign to help shed light on traumatic brain injury and bring awareness to the issue. His idea? Carrying a melon with him every day for 100 days to generate awareness for TBI, launching his #AMelonADay movement.  One of the main reasons he chose to use a melon as a talisman is because a melon is a perfect metaphor for the brain, with its hard exterior that protects the soft fruit inside. Take a look at the compelling visual journey that Maz takes his viewers on in his efforts to raise awareness for Traumatic Brain Injury.

“I read the Marc Peruzzi article in Outside Magazine called 'After the Crash.' The feature image was a duct taped watermelon. This photo had a profound effect on me.”

For Maz, he wants to spread the word about TBIs because for most people it is an 'unknown,’ so most people have no idea what a Traumatic Brain Injury is. Since you can't see a brain injury, it makes it even harder to understand.

Screen Shot 2015-01-17 at 7.35.44 PM.png

His movement, #AMelonADay, gives people something tangible they can grasp onto, and puts how delicate our brains are into perspective.

As part of his campagin, Maz has partnered up with  Love Your Brain and The Crash Reel to help generate as much awareness as possible for TBIs.

His thought-provoking and creative photos help bring brain injury into a perspective that viewers can connect to in their everyday lives.

“The Melon is beautiful and it photographs really well. It has a hard shell but soft inside much like our heads and it's widely accessible, not expensive and easy to find.”

In reality, brain injuries are much more common than many people realize, with someone sustaining a TBI every 21 seconds in the United States alone.

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