LoveYourBrain Tip From Kevin: Bring Intention To Each Visit





The holiday season is an awesome time for socializing and connecting with family and friends. Because it is often busy and overwhelming, it’s really important to be mindful of all of your choices, especially time spent with others. Bringing intention to each visit and interaction promotes meaningful connections and helps to maintain brain health and well-being. The more intentional you can be with each visit, the more pleasure and fulfillment you can experience with the important people in your life.


Here are tips that I follow to bring intention and meaning to my interactions:

  • I recognize and appreciate who I have in my life
  • I am aware of what types of interactions are the most meaningful to me

  • I often choose quality over quantity, placing value on the depth of interactions rather than the amount

  • I meet in person, unplug from technology and truly engage while spending time with people

  • I listen, take advice from others, and understand I’m not always right.


Relationships are the most important gift in my life. My family, friends and community offer me support and help me thrive. Relationships can also be challenging, especially after a brain injury. I hope everyone in the LYB Community feels connected to others and takes the time to engage in valuable and loving visits this holiday season and throughout the year.