LoveYourBrain Tip: Family





As featured in our latest Community Story, a TBI has the potential to impact everyone in the family and support system. As the person with the TBI adopts brain health routines, it is equally important for caregivers to engage in practices that support physical and emotional wellness.

The wonderful news is that most healthy practices are universal. Not only can people with TBI benefit from brain healthy techniques, but their loved ones are likely to benefit from similar approaches for body and mind.

In addition to rest, nutrition, exercise and social support, this week we invite caregivers to consider the power of meditation. Through LYB resources and other meditation techniques, we encourage you to engage in practices that support awareness of the present moment, compassion, resilience and acceptance. We hope to support your invaluable role and provide a reminder to give yourself the same amount of care that you provide for your loved one.

Join us for our first ever 30 Day Meditation Challenge in support of Mindful March. These 30 unique guided meditations are designed for people affected by TBI, including caregivers, to experience meditation and have the inspiration to integrate the practice into your daily life.

Follow our weekly Meditation Movement for a variety of practices to inspire greater inner peace, acceptance and happiness.