LoveYourBrain Tip: Participate!





Participate! Celebrate! Advocate! Educate!

As we approach National Brain Injury Awareness Month, we all have the opportunity to contribute to a greater understanding of brain injury. Throughout March (and the rest of the year, of course), consider finding ways to participate in events and campaigns that celebrate the strength of those affected by brain injury, support prevention efforts and promote a comprehensive range of healing techniques.

This is a NATIONAL observance, so by participating in some way, you are joining strength, support and influence with people across the country. Some people may choose to travel to Washington DC to participate in Brain Injury Awareness Day on Capitol Hill on March 20, 2018 or participate at a more local level through support group meetings or organized fundraising events. Still others may choose to find a space to tell their story, offer support to another person affected by brain injury or simply slow down and engage in self-care as you celebrate your life and resilience with loved ones.

LoveYourBrain will be spreading awareness, promoting the benefits of yoga and meditation and celebrating the power of a compassionate community for those affected by TBI through our MindfulMarch Campaign.

As we begin Brain Injury Awareness Month, everyone at LoveYourBrain sends a message of support, positivity and love to each and every one of you in this incredible community.