LoveYourBrain Tips From Kevin: Practice Yoga!




Once a month, we will share “Tips from Kevin” as part of our LYB Tips series.  We hope these words of wisdom will help guide those of you in our community who have had a TBI, but will also be beneficial to anyone who is seeking optimal brain health.

This past weekend, we launched the LYB Yoga and Meditation program with our first official teacher training in Burlington, Vermont.  As you know, yoga was, and continues to be, transformative after my injury and it helped me adapt to my new normal.  I am so excited about this flagship program because through it, yoga will be more accessible to others who have had a TBI.

Yoga is a powerful tool because it positively affects both your body and your mind.  The physical practice helps you regain balance, flexibility, and strength, and the mindful movement between the poses allows your brain to slow down and focus.  Yoga also forces you to be present and find stillness, which sometimes feels impossible in this non-stop world.  Furthermore, yoga classes create a sense of community.  Many people feel isolated and alone while recovering from a TBI, but through participation in a yoga class, you can re-establish one very important aspect of healing:  connection.

It is my hope that anyone who has had TBI can experience the life-changing benefits of yoga for themselves.

Photo: Melissa Fuller, @melogram