LoveYourBrain Tip: Buy Flowers!




Yesterday was Mother’s Day. We hope we’re not surprising anyone!  You may have given your mom, or any important mom in your life, a bouquet of flowers. In doing so, you did more than make her feel loved and appreciated, you also potentially helped boost her mental health as well!

  • Studies have shown that women given flowers express an authentic smile, which as we’ve already discussed, is good for the brain!
  • The sweet scent of flowers can elevate mood – we love the smell of star jasmine. What’s your favorite?
  • Indoor plants near your workspace can improve concentration. Researchers are not sure how this works, but it may be as simple as this: gazing at plants or flowers provides a quick mental break, which, as we’ll discuss in a future post, is important for efficient cognitive functioning. Plus, this form of mental break doesn’t usually distract us for a long time, like Facebook does for instance.
  • In a 2008 study, hospital patients with flowers in their post-surgery recovery room reported less pain, anxiety and fatigue

If you don’t already have indoor plants or a vase of flowers in your home or at work, go buy some...and watch your outlook on the day get better.