LoveYourBrain Tip From Kevin: Accept Change




“The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance” - Alan Watts

Change is hard - and painful.  For many of us, the first response to change is to resist it.  We fight against it and try to swim upstream.  But, by resisting change you may be closing yourself off from an even greater potential.  The ultimate goal is to accept and even embrace the changes that happen in our lives.

Even a couple months after my injury, when I was still in the hospital, I thought that everything would go back to normal and I’d board in the Olympics.  My thinking was so far off, because I was in the hospital for another four months - and then rehab started.

Reality didn’t set in until the first time I got back on my snowboard two years after the injury.  I realized that I couldn’t do what I once did so well.  It was a harsh reality, but I came to understand that this was reality and I’d be crazy to fight it.

Instead, I needed to figure out what the next step was.  Snowboarding was my entire life, but now it was gone and I had to accept that.  

I had to find a new purpose, which turned out to be teaching people how to love their brain.  I experienced a life-changing injury, but now I can hopefully inspire hope and positivity in other people’s lives.