LoveYourBrain Tip: Morning





Each morning brings a fresh opportunity for a positive and healthy day. Morning routines and habits set the tone for your day, therefore, it is important to be mindful of which habits contribute to your wellness and which may not. In this week’s tip, we encourage you to be aware of your morning routines and consider incorporating these recommendations into your daily plan.

Eat Breakfast: Eating a nutritious breakfast is critical for refueling your body and brain and helping to stabilize your blood sugar throughout the day. A healthy breakfast can help with energy, mood, concentration and weight management. Plan to eat lean proteins, whole grains and fiber, while limiting sugar intake.

Meditate: For many, morning is an ideal time for daily practice. Monings offer a relatively quiet time and space for this daily routine, and morning meditation can help set a positive mindset to better manage stress throughout the day. *Choosing a time of day to meditate is a personal preference, so if practicing later in the day works better for you, then focus on these other healthy morning routines instead.

Practice Gratitude: LYB community member Cait suggests thinking about 3 things you are grateful for each morning. Starting the day with this positive exercise can improve your awareness and happiness throughout the entire day.

Limit Screen Time: Though it is tempting to reach for your phone or other device first thing in the morning, experts strongly recommend waiting to do so. Looking at notifications can contribute to stress and anxiety about what you have missed or what you need to do later in the day. Give yourself the opportunity start the day being in the present moment and in a state of calm by waiting to check your phone.

Good morning...wishing you all a fulfilling and healthy day!