LoveYourBrain Tip: Share Your Story





Everyone has a story to share. Whether you’ve been affected by a brain injury or other adversity, sharing your story may be an empowering and positive step forward in your path to healing.

Storytelling offers the following benefits:

  • Deepens personal reflection and increases self understanding
  • Strengthens relationships by creating opportunity for vulnerability and connection
  • Promotes resilience and recognition of your ability to adapt to adversity
  • Celebrates accomplishments and personal growth
  • Helps others by sharing valuable perspective and inspiration

We are grateful to all of the people that have shared their experiences as part of the LoveYourBrain Community Stories resource. Some have expressed that the process of telling their story “has been healing”, while others have found gratification in using their story as an opportunity to help others. If you are interested in sharing your story with our community, please click here to share your story!

Here are additional suggestions of ways to share your story with your community:

  • Return to your rehab facility and offer to share your story with other individuals with TBI and staff
  • Reach out to local brain injury organizations to offer to speak at an event
  • Present to local groups about injury prevention (schools, public safety organizations)
  • Speak to health practitioners about the important components of your healing
  • Talk to family and friends about the lessons you’ve learned
  • Tap into your creative side and express yourself through art, music or dance

Whether you tell your story to a large crowd or to one person, your experience has value and worth, and deserves to be heard!