LoveYourBrain Tip: Vacation!





With the arrival of summer, many of us are looking forward to vacation! Some people may be traveling, while others are looking forward to staying closer to home and enjoying a little down time and sunshine. Whether you are traveling for weeks or celebrating a day off with family and friends, it is a good opportunity to continue your healthy routines and to LoveYourBrain!

By thinking ahead, you can make healthy decisions and feel great throughout your vacation. Here are some ideas of ways to take care of yourself while enjoying a break from the daily grind:

  • Rest: Try to stay on your normal sleep schedule. Plan rest breaks during the day, especially if you’ve stayed up later than normal or have had difficulty sleeping.
  • Eat Well: Yes, it’s tempting to indulge at every meal or every ice cream stand, but moderation is key. Pay attention to what you are eating, and what you are feeding your brain. Find healthy options most of the time, and enjoy a treat once in awhile.
  • Exercise: Plan time to be active, whether it’s maintaining your regular yoga, walking or running schedule or finding new activities to try!
  • Socialize: Enjoy time with friends and family, and get them on board with your healthy vacation plan. Ask for help following your own routine and invite them to practice healthy choices, as well!
  • Fun: Have fun, lots of it! Think of what will be relaxing, exciting and energizing for you...and do it!

All of us at LoveYourBrain wish you all a healthy and happy summer!