LoveYourBrain Tip: Apples!





Shiny, crispy, juicy, delicious...and healthy! Apples are a sweet treat that provide many health benefits. So, grab your favorite variety and read below to learn about the advantages of eating this seasonal fruit!

Health Benefits:

  • Apples contain several nutritional vitamins (Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Vitamins B2 and B6) and minerals (potassium, copper, manganese, magnesium), and are an excellent source of fiber. These nutrients are said to have anti-inflammatory properties, aid in digestion, boost the immune system and may help with memory.


  • There are several ways to include apples in your daily diet. In addition to enjoying a whole raw apple, you could add it to salads or sandwiches, serve sliced with your favorite protein-packed topping, such as almond butter, add it to a smoothie or serve as part of a delicious cheese plate.

Mindful Munching:

  • What better food to practice mindful eating with than an apple? Here are suggestions for a brief mindfulness exercise with this sensational food:
    • Look at the apple: pay attention to the color, shape and shine
    • Bite into the apple (slowly): feel the texture of the skin and the flesh, hear the crunch, notice the juice
    • Bring attention to chewing: feel the crunch, taste the sweet and the tart flavors
    • Enjoy: think of the healthy choice you are making and how good this apple tastes

Whether you are picking up an apple at the store or have a chance to enjoy a day picking in an orchard, incorporating an apple into your daily diet can be a simple and healthy choice for your brain and body.