LoveYourBrain Tips From Kevin: Surround Yourself With Supportive People!




Once a month, we will share “Tips from Kevin” as part of our LYB Tips series.  We hope these words of wisdom will help guide those of you in our community who have had a TBI, but will also be beneficial to anyone who is seeking optimal brain health.

One of the painful realities many people face after a TBI is the departure of friends.  For various reasons, there are often a handful of people who slowly drift away.  This is completely normal – and is experienced by the vast majority of TBI survivors.

Although it hurts, be careful not to overanalyze why friends abandoned you or harbor any anger.  Those negative feelings only make the situation worse.  Instead, protect your energy and focus on the steadfast support you do have.

Recovering from a TBI can be a very isolating journey and it’s exhausting to continually explain to people why you are the way you are.  For that reason, invest the time in identifying a choice group of supportive people who embody positivity, encouragement, and love.  This core support group should be able to pick up on cues without you having to labor to always explain yourself.

However, it’s also important to be aware that this period of recovery can take a toll on even those who adore you unconditionally.  Recognize that it’s difficult for your close family and friends to see a changed you – and to see you struggle, and get frustrated, with tasks that used to be easy.  They, too, have to go through their own healing, and it’s critical that you acknowledge their feelings and express gratitude for all that they’re doing.  

Rediscovering yourself and finding resiliency after a TBI is an arduous process, but you can have the power to get through it if you surround yourself with strong, thoughtful, optimistic, and loving family and friends.  To me, they were the most important ingredients in my journey.