LoveYourBrain Tips From Kevin: Share Your Story!




Once a month, we will share “Tips from Kevin” as part of our LYB Tips series.  We hope these words of wisdom will help guide those of you in our community who have had a TBI, but will also be beneficial to anyone who is seeking optimal brain health.

One of the important aspects of healing is being able to accept your injury. It’s not easy to come to terms with what has happened, but sometimes sharing your story can be a big step toward true acceptance. Here are a some other reasons why sharing your story can be so essential:

  • Regaining your ability to communicate and your confidence in engaging with other people can take a long time after injury, but as is the case with everything, it’s important to practice. Writing or speaking your story can help you re-establish your communication skills and make you more comfortable in social settings.
  • By sharing your experience with others, including people who do not know anything about TBI, you can add a voice to this “invisible injury” and help spread awareness.
  • It’s easy to feel alone and isolated as you navigate the roller coaster of recovery. Sharing your story will not only help you feel more connected to others, but can also help others who are dealing with TBI. Your words may empower them to tell their own story.