LoveYourBrain Tip: Rehab and Healing





The word “rehab” is likely to conjure up different feelings for different people - memories of grueling therapy sessions, uncertainty about the future, learning new ways to do things, bonding with others in similar circumstances or feeling stress about the drastic changes in your life.

As we celebrate Rehab Week, this is a great opportunity to recognize the enormous benefits of rehabilitation facilities and programs, and also to expand our view of rehab- to see it as both a continuum of care and a community effort.

Healing is a journey: While rehab may begin in a hospital, rehab center or outpatient clinic, it extends far beyond your therapy sessions and discharge dates. Healing occurs daily and can continue to occur with perseverance, adaptation and self-compassion. The “road to recovery” may be better viewed as a healing journey, which may not have a clear destination or timeline, but welcomes and celebrates the growth along the way.

Healing takes a community: Your “rehab team” may initially be defined as you, your family, doctors, nurses and therapists, but it is really a wide range of people that contribute to your healing community- extended family, friends, other people with TBI and your LYB community.

Rehabilitation facilities and programs offer assistance for various stages of recuperation after a TBI, and play a vital role in the early stages of the healing process. We wish everyone affected by TBI the support needed to continue the journey in a healthy and positive light.