LoveYourBrain Tip: Repeat A Mantra!





Mantras are words or simple phrases that serve as affirmations.  Whether you’re running a marathon or sitting for a short meditation, mantras will help you remain focused on the task at hand.  This one-pointed attention prevents your brain from conjuring up useless, and often negative, thoughts.

Here are three mantras for you to try.  Choose one to practice for 2 minutes, and then observe how you feel.  Do you notice a shift in your mindset?

  1. Let Go: We all have things that we hold on to.  This mantra encourages us to mentally and emotionally let go of thoughts that no longer serve us.  Allow these two words to follow the natural rhythm of your breath.  With each inhale, mentally chant the word “let”; with each exhale, mentally chant the word “go”.
  2. Om: This mantra is best practiced out loud.  Here’s why:  the sound “om” is a universal sound.  It is the summed frequency of all the vibrations in the universe.  When you chant “om”, you are, quite literally, merging with the vibrations of the universe, which can have a rather profound, calming effect.  Take a deep inhale, and then chant a long, drawn out “om” for the duration of your exhale - ommmmmmmmm. 
  3. I am strength. I am peace. I am joy. Use this mantra when you need to get grounded.  Willfully repeat these three phrases over and over, especially during those times when you feel disconnected from your inner power.  Fake it, and eventually your brain will believe that you are in fact strong, peaceful, and joyful – which you are at your core.