LoveYourBrain Tip: Acceptance





Many people in the LYB Community have expressed that watching The Crash Reel and accessing LYB resources has helped them with acceptance. Some have expressed that they have found a place in which they now accept their injury or the reality that life is different than expected. Still, others have shared that they accept their need to make changes in their daily routines in order to manage their symptoms, maximize their abilities, find balance and feel their best.

This week, we invite you to deepen your understanding of acceptance to help nurture your healing.

How do I move to acceptance if I don’t like what has happened?

It may help to understand that acceptance does not mean “approval” or “liking” the situation, but rather acknowledging the circumstance for what it is - and not resisting it. Though it seems natural to want to resist or push back against pain or difficulty, doing so is likely to hinder the healing process and lead to additional suffering. By acknowledging and allowing space for the present situation (a TBI, a difficult relationship or even a long line at the store), you have the power to choose how to move forward rather than being stuck by things that you are unable to control.

As you deepen your understanding and practice of acceptance, you may find more positive and compassionate ways to enact change. (Yes, you can still make changes and improvements when you accept a difficult situation or condition!). By acknowledging the present, you have the power to choose your reaction and your path forward. May it be a gentle and loving path.