LoveYourBrain Tip From Kevin: Be Resilient





The journey back from a TBI is long, and often life-long.  Instead of focusing on getting back to where you were pre-injury, it’s beneficial to focus on resiliency.  What is resiliency?  In our case, it’s the ability to adapt to trauma.  It’s about pushing forward despite the challenging hand you’ve been dealt.  It’s about refusing to give up or give in.  Resilience doesn’t make the difficult situation disappear, but it helps you deal with it and move through it.  

How do you cultivate resiliency?  

  • First, you have to take your healing into your own hands.  While you’ll need the support of a team, ultimately this is your journey.  Take ownership of it because once you do, you’ll be more invested in your progress.  
  • Second, face your situation, and your fears, head on.  Running from reality is not beneficial to the healing process.     

  • Third, identify tools to help you cope, relax, and move forward.  You may turn to yoga or meditation; or, you may identify other ways to relax, which can ultimately better arm you to take on daily challenges.  

Just like with everything else, practice is key.  Resilience is a quality anyone can attain and it’s such a powerful characteristic to have as you press through your difficult journey.