LoveYourBrain Tip: Get Your Vitamin D Checked





This week’s tip comes from Beckett Johnson, a TBI survivor and an active part of the LoveYourBrain family.  This tip is very important for anyone who’s had a TBI and may be experiencing sadness or depression, but it is also relevant for the general public as well.  As winter begins, and we see less and less of the sun, it’s critical that we keep our Vitamin D levels in a healthy range - so that our brain can thrive.

“I was having issues with tremors and extreme sadness after my injury. It was recommended that I get my vitamin D and B12 checked by my neuro. My B12 was good so no issue there. Come to find out the average score for Vitamin D for most people is an 83. They want you between 30 and 100. My vitamin D was a 9. Right away, I was put on a regimen of 50,000 mg Vitamin D for 8 weeks. My tremors went away and my mood started to improve. After the prescription I have to take 4,000mg of vitamin D a day of over the counter supplements. I probably will have to take this the rest of my life, but it is an easy fix and one I know a lot of doctors overlook. So I think that no matter what, make sure your doctor checks your Vitamin D levels. It is a simple blood test and an easy fix. We deal with so much already, so it’s nice to be feeding my body good things that help.”