LoveYourBrain Tip: Get Outside!



BRAIN HEALTH | 4.6.2015

Spring is here! It was a long winter for many of us, so embrace this change, get outdoors, and breathe in the fresh air!  Here are a few reasons going outside is good for your brain:

  • Walking in nature can improve attention, memory, and overall brain function
  • Vitamin D (from sunlight) boosts mood and may ease depression
  • Green spaces reduce brain fatigue – the brain is less active, or ”quieter”, when people walk through a park vs an urban setting
  • Creativity may increase when we spend time outside

Need ideas of what to do in the great outdoors?  Watch the sunset, eat lunch under a tree, plant some herbs, fire up the grill and have dinner al fresco, explore a new hiking trail, walk to a nearby restaurant, or do yoga in the park . . . and if it’s too cold?  Bundle up and go outside anyway! The benefits are too great to pass up. As John Muir said,

“In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks”.