LoveYourBrain Tip: Gratitude





When was the last time you paused and recognized or expressed your gratitude for someone or something?

Hopefully you have done so recently, as this ability to feel gratitude- a sense of wonder and appreciation for life- has been shown to have many benefits for physical and emotional health. Like any skill, one can learn and strengthen the ability to experience gratitude through practice, a daily dose of thankfulness can have a long lasting positive impact on your well being.

Suggestions for daily gratitude practice:

  1. Stop and appreciate one thing per day that you may typically overlook or not take the time to appreciate
  2. Express your gratitude to others: share a compliment or a message of thanks to someone you know
  3. Write down your thoughts of gratitude: keep a journal or write down your daily appreciation in a highly visible place so you can be reminded of your gifts

The LoveYourBrain family expresses gratitude for our entire community and for the strength, inspiration and love that you all share!

As you finish reading this “tip”, try to reflect on what or who you are thankful for in this moment.