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LoveYourBrain Tip: Be Brave!

LoveYourBrain Tip: Be Brave!

Have you ever heard the saying, “fake it ‘til you make it”? Turns out there is evidence that supports facing our fears and convincing ourselves we can handle whatever comes our way. By tricking our brain into thinking that we can handle the situation at hand, will actually start the process of becoming immune to the fearful object.

LoveYourBrain Tip From Kevin: Sleep





Is there anything better than a good night’s rest? In the early stages of my healing, getting enough sleep was key to helping me feel better. Whenever I don’t get enough sleep, my brain and body feel like they have to work a lot harder to just keep up with everything going on around me.

Not only is sleep a necessary function for humans, but it also plays a key role in memory consolidation and learning. During the day a lot of memories are being created, however, we need sleep in order for these memories to transfer from the hippocampus to more permanent places. For example, if you learn a new word, it is held in your hippocampus (memory center) and then eventually makes its way to your language centers for permanent storage.

I feel that the reason why I like meditation so much is because it gives my brain the same break that sleep does. It’s a bit like a reset button that allows me to pause and reflect on my day while getting prepared to tackle the next days tasks and events.

In order to keep your brain functioning at its optimal capacity, make sure you’re getting enough z’s every night.