If you or someone you know has suffered a traumatic brain injury, have you ever…

  • Sought to connect with others who have experienced something similar?
  • Wanted to build a community of other like-minded individuals? 
  • Had the desire to get away from your life and focus on reconnecting to yourself, learn how to adapt to your new normal, challenge yourself in new and exciting ways and be inspired by others going through similar life changes?

If you said yes, LoveYourBrain Camp might be perfect for you. 


LoveYourBrain Camp Overview


LoveYourBrain Camp is a 6 day retreat specifically designed for traumatic brain injury survivors and those who are inspired to live a brain healthy lifestyle.  Located at Zeno Mountain Farm in the beautiful mountains of northeastern Vermont, the camp takes place during the week leading up to Memorial Day Weekend each year. The Camp is designed to be inspiring and fun. We want to create a healthy environment where people form new connections, learn about new healing techniques, and are more mindful in their daily choices. Days consist of meditation and yoga sessions, personal story sharing, art therapy, sessions with experts in the fields of rehabilitation, nutrition, interpersonal psychology and mindfulness, training for the Burlington Marathon, and much more. 


The final day of camp is spent in Burlington, VT with campers and supporters running in the Vermont Marathon. All participants may choose to run in teams anywhere from 3 miles to 26.2 miles. The participants at camp run with other individuals who are running to support the two charities that make the camp possible, Zeno Mountain Farm and LoveYourBrain, who run collectively as team BrainFarmer. 


There is no cost for participants to attend camp. We ask everyone who attends to pay for their travel to and from. We encourage everyone to participate in our fundraising efforts, but do not require it.


Eligibility and Application Process


  • Have a medically documented traumatic brain injury resulting in ongoing impairment  of cognitive or physical function
  • Be a US resident living in one of the 50 states
  • Be 18 years of age or older at the time camp begins


To Apply

Fill out the application below