lyb clinical connectors

We believe that working alongside clinicians will help make yoga and meditation more accessible to the TBI community. To do so, we engage TBI rehabilitation specialists from a broad array of training backgrounds to join our network of Clinical Connectors. These dynamic individuals support their local LYB Yoga Program by:

  • Disseminating LYB Yoga Program materials in their clinical services. These materials include a brochure and info card written for TBI patients that describes what to expect if they sign up for the Yoga Program.

  • Verbally sharing information about the program in their clinical services, during in-service trainings, at conferences.

  • Maintaining communication with LYB about resupplying program materials, as needed.

  • Participating in the LoveYourBrain yoga teacher training workshop (where possible).


In exchange, LYB:

  • Provides all program materials for free (or access to the materials on our website).

  • Features Clinical Connectors on our website to raise awareness about their support of our program.

  • Works with Clinical Connectors to adapt materials for your context (where possible).

  • Offer a 10% discount on our tuition (typically a $385 value) to attend the LYB yoga teacher training workshop.

  • Conducts an in-service training at affiliated clinical institution to raise awareness about LYB as an organization and the goal and operations of the Yoga Program (where possible).

  • Organizes a screening of the Crash Reel for staff (where possible).

If you are interested in serving as a Clinical Connector, please apply here to join our team!

Deborah Fournier, APRN

Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center, NH 


     Shannan Aselta, SLP

Crozer Keystone Health Care, PA

Anne Brady, MSPT

 Morristown Medical Center, NJ

Tina D'Amato, DO

Center for Integrative Therapy, VT