Education Program Manager


The LoveYourBrain Foundation exists to improve the quality of life of people affected by traumatic brain injury through programs that foster resilience and build community. We envision a world where everyone affected by traumatic brain injury is connected to a compassionate community and empowered by resources to live a brain healthy lifestyle.

We are seeking an Education Program Manager to spearhead the development, implementation, expansion, and evaluation of our Education Program, which comprises:

  • Educational curriculum - a neuroscience-inspired, mindfulness curriculum is designed to educate youth about traumatic brain injury, the power of the mind, and the steps to make more informed decisions

  • Online resources including tips on how to promote brain health, resilience, and mindfulness; Community Stories that describe the experience of people in the TBI community; library of online meditations and yoga videos

  • Kevin’s advocacy - leveraging opportunities around Kevin’s speaking engagements and the screening of The Crash Reel documentary

This role is a dynamic position requiring someone with expertise in program administration and management, program evaluation, mindfulness, and communications, and a strong interest in expanding LoveYourBrain’s impact and message into schools and communities across the US and Canada. This role requires a self-starter with a passion for innovation and collaboration.

The role is full-time (40 hours a week), and may require domestic travel.

Start date

June 3rd, 2019 (preferably earlier)

Online resources

Key objectives

  1. Ensure LYB educational resources (e.g., LYB Tips, Community Stories, Meditation Movement, Yoga videos, etc.) are high quality, diverse, and accessible to the LYB community

  2. Expand the number and type of LYB educational resources

  3. Manage LYB newsletter content and strategy


Key responsibilities

  • Generate and/or curate content (written, audio, and/or video) to include on LYB website and external communications

  • Manage online communications (Facebook live interviews, webinars, etc.) to highlight key LYB messages 

Educational Curriculum and Kevin’s advocacy

Key objectives

  1. Finalize the Educational Curriculum so it is ready for dissemination

  2. Lead implementation of curriculum to reach 10,000 students

  3. Leverage Kevin’s advocacy to integrate Educational Curriculum

  4. Lead communications with new and existing partners

  5. Support fundraising efforts and assist with development of funding model for program

Key responsibilities

Manage administrative tasks vital to the daily operations of the Ed Curriculum

  • Manage communications with schools and teachers interested in our curriculum

  • Manage application form and follow up with applicants

  • Write newsletter entries for announcements and recaps

  • Assist with communicating impact of experience to greater LYB community, funders, and schools

  • Assist with website formatting and updates

Assist with the development of the Curriculum

  • Conduct focus groups with key audiences to understand needs and revisions

  • Pilot the curriculum to understand impact and adaptations

Lead the implementation of the Curriculum

  • Support the logistics and communications with partner schools and teachers, including communications with teachers and students before and after the curriculum is implemented

  • Develop and execute the strategy for making the curriculum easy to implement

Support the expansion and visibility of the program in new locations

  • Identify and execute a model to reach 10,000 students

  • Research new potential partners in the states and Canada who currently offer Mindfulness programming to students

  • Lead media communications, including drafting press releases to raise awareness about the Ed Curriculum program

Support fundraising model

  • Assist with developing the fundraising model for curriculum

  • Develop model to get students engaged in fundraising and support their efforts (i.e., setting goals, setting up personal pages)

  • Assist with finalizing financial outcomes and reporting

  • Support events and campaigns


  • Develop a monitoring and evaluation system to assess impact

  • Synthesize key findings into reports to present internally and externally

Selection criteria

This position reports to Adam Pearce, Executive Director.

Location: Based in the United States.

Skills and knowledge:

  1. Strong understanding of public and/or private school systems and proven ability to collaborate with key academic stakeholders to implement and evaluate curricula that it meet education standards.

  2. Background in teaching mindfulness, ideally in school settings

  3. Background in educational curriculum design, implementation, and evaluation

  4. Ability to manage strategic development of educational content on websites

  5. Excellent written communication skills, including the ability to write effectively for a range of different audiences (i.e., people with TBI, health care professionals, media, general public)

  6. Highly-developed oral communication and interpersonal skills, including the ability to modify communication style appropriately for different audiences

  7. Highly-developed organizational skills with a keen attention to detail, and a demonstrated ability to effectively prioritise tasks and meet deadlines

  8. The ability to work effectively as part of a multidisciplinary team, and to both take direction and work autonomously where appropriate

  9. Experience working with: Microsoft word, Excel, Google Forms, Google Sheets, Google drive (required) and Salesforce (strongly preferred)

  10. Speaks English

Other qualities:

  1. A commitment to being compassionate, open-minded, and authentic

  2. A respectful and non-judgmental approach in all tasks

  3. Willing to work remotely

Qualifications and experience:

  1. Bachelor’s degree completed

  2. Curriculum development, implementation, and evaluation experience


To apply

Please send your application, comprising a cover letter, CV/resume to, attention Adam Pearce, Executive Director. In addition, please share a short paragraph of where you would like to see our education program in 5 years. Applicants should be available to interview via video google hangout.