I began my yoga journey just a short time ago, in search of stress relief. What I found has become the greatest passion of my life. I believe Yoga is a transformational practice that encourages us to look inward to create a deeper connection to our soul, leading to a more healthy and happy life. I am most passionate about teaching and creating yoga for important causes, such as LoveYourBrain. I met Kevin a couple months ago when he came to one of my classes in Phoenix. I was blown away by Kevin’s story and to learn how yoga and meditation have brought him strength, peace, and positivity during his healing process.

I feel honored to be able to share a meditation with the LoveYourBrain community. This meditation supports us to cultivate a sense of gratitude--gratitude for the people, places, and experiences we find nurturing and those we find challenging. Actively practicing gratitude in our daily lives can help shift the way we interact with ourselves and others to a more positive and loving place.

“Practicing with Anton was incredible. He guided the best yoga class I’ve ever taken. Anton exemplifies the power and possibility of what your body can do and where you can get to. His teaching is both humbling and inspirational.” - Kevin Pearce

Anton, E-RYT 200, is an inspirational yoga and meditation teacher in Arizona. He believes the practice of yoga supports us to find a mindful connection to the body and soul, and passion and gratitude for every breath, step, pose, and moment we get to take. To learn more about Anton, check out his website: