Loving Kindness Meditation by Cayci Lefebvre

I truly believe yoga found me. It was at a point in my life when I needed it the most. It helped me in my healing process from the trauma I experienced as a child. I felt disconnected from myself, completely isolated, and very deep into my depression. Yoga and meditation guided me in the awareness to connect with myself and those around me again. I started to feel less alone and more part of a community. From that grew a gift of knowledge and a passion for teaching yoga.

It was so inspiring to meet Kevin and to learn about how yoga and meditation is helping him and others with traumatic brain injury. I am honored to share this lovingkindness meditation with you as part of LYB’s meditation movement as it has helped me cultivate and feel more love for myself and others.


Cayci Lefebvre is a yoga and meditation teacher in Burlington, Vermont. She participated in LYB’s first yoga teacher training in August and is enthusiastic about helping LYB bring these practices to all TBI survivors.