Refuge in Healing by Brian Tuck

I have been teaching yoga and meditation for the past ten years after an on-and-off battle with Goodpasture's Syndrome. When I was 19, this autoimmune disease caused respiratory failure and, during my recovery, I had to relearn how to walk. I felt like my life went on hold and my recovery process was never ending. However, once I was released from the hospital, I began to find refuge in my recovery, like an ironic overdue retreat with none of the frills. I began to allow myself to focus on my wellbeing instead of trying to get back to whatever I knew as “normal”.

I hope in whatever journey you are on you give yourself permission to focus on your own wellbeing, as well. If you are reading this now, I imagine it has. I hope all the LYB meditations provide a moment or space to neither reject nor attach to whatever has happened, as it is time to move forward. Wishing you my very best on your road of recovery. Thanks for letting me share a little in your journey. It's an honor.

Brian Tuck is a yoga and meditation teacher in Montreal. When Brian was first diagnosed with Goodpasture’s Syndrome, he was told that he'd lead a normal, healthy life, but most likely would never be able to run. He is now training for his second triathlon!