Accept, Love, Support Meditation - by Abigail Baglione

This past September marked the 15th anniversary since I was in a serious car accident. I was 21. My TBI was so severe, they asked my parents if I wanted to donate my organs (thankfully, Mom said yes). After two months in a coma, and several more using a wheelchair and other rehab devices, I began my struggle to continue on the path I had set forth, without really understanding how much I had changed, that outcomes ultimately were not in my control... Yoga has helped me develop the emotional strength and flexibility to accept the uncertainty, while showing me the love and support I need remains within.

I began my “yoga journey” about six years ago, when I began taking yoga classes regularly. I didn’t realize it then, but I had found a way to reconnect to my “damaged” body and brain in a positive way. Years later, in my teacher training at Integral Yoga Institute, I learned the absolute necessity of self love and acceptance. When we sincerely accept ourselves as we are right NOW, we can more fully nurture, accept, and love others. Acceptance starts with love, and love is what we really are. In my life, yoga is the ideal way to connect to this.

This “LoveYourBrain Accept, Love, Support” meditation is a conglomeration of ideas I’ve picked up from my many teachers along the way. I thank them for their gifts, and I thank you for your willingness.