Grounding Meditation By Sarah Cycon

This meditation uses the relationship between the body and the earth to cultivate feelings of support, center, and embodied stability. As we scan the body, we become aware of the ever-present comfort that resides in the places where the body and floor meet. Each exhalation allows us to sink in deeper into that relationship—building trust and confidence in our inherent ability to connect and ground with our bodies, minds, and the surrounding world.

Sarah is a yoga teacher in Burlington, Vermont. She is passionate about using Yoga to nourish the physical, mental, and emotional levels of our body. She believes that through Yoga and meditation, we can tap into the body’s innate healing abilities. Sarah continues to study Yoga Therapy and Ayurveda to deepen her understanding of this relationship. She completed the LoveYourBrain Teacher Training last year and is excited to participate in LYB’s meaningful work and thriving community.