Seasons of Breath Meditation by Megan Whiteside

This meditation, also know as the "Seasons of Breath" meditation is a playful and powerful pranayama practice that helps us connect our mind, body, and breath. Each season corresponds to each part of breath; Spring as the inhale, Summer as the pause at the top of the breath, Autumn as the breath out, and Winter as the pause on empty. By separating each part of breath into the corresponding season, we can visualize and connect to the breath by enriching our perception of it. 

Megan is a yoga teacher based out of Denver, Colorado and is also a member of the LoveYourBrain team. After years of snowboarding and multiple concussions, yoga and meditation were some of the most effective tools to keep both her brain and body healthy. For her, meditation has been one of the best ways to heal her brain after concussions, since it has helped her with memory loss, attention span, and calming the mind. The meditation she brings you today will help you relax and slow down the mind, soothe the physical body, and allow your attention to move inwards.