Healing Visualization by Marcella Roukas

Marcella Roukas is an artist, lawyer and yoga/meditation teacher. She became certified in vinyasa chakra flow yoga in 2009 and Ananda restorative yoga in 2017. She blends art therapy with a free-flow vinyasa, kundalini yoga, Energization by Paramahansa Yogananda and qi gong. These practices along with guided meditations are meant to facilitate the journey back to self.  She believes yoga should be available for all and as a student at Florida International University, she established and implemented a free yoga and meditation program for students and faculty since 2000.

In 2016 Marcella underwent six embolizations/surgeries for an Arterior Venous Malformation AVM on the dural part of the brain. She is now inspired to be of service to anyone navigating any type of neurological condition. Marcella is honored to lead a meditation for LoveYourBrain and grateful to hold space for those listening to her meditation.